As an avid photographer for many years, my tendency is to choose subjects with potential rather than things that look good to begin with and therein lies a challenge. I often look for an odd angle or composition and like most photographers, have become a keen observer. Seeking the unusual and putting a different slant on the very usual are important concepts to me.

My philosophy is - photograph for oneself, be observant and strive for originality but most of all have fun. If someone likes what I produce, that's a bonus.

I'm Wayne Sherriff - thanks for taking the time to view my work.

• Finalist in Sony World Photography Awards 2008, exhibited at Cannes, France.
• Winner of Apogee Photo magazine competition 'Lines and Colour' 2008
• First runner-up in Apogee Photo Magazine competition 'Tracks' 2008

• Finalist in Photographer's Forum' Award of Excellence' for Best of Photography 2010
• Commendation in Sony World Photography Awards 2010
• Winner of 'Image Doctor' competition in Australian Photography magazine 2016
• Commendation Australian Photography magazine 'Photographer of the Year 2016' B+W category

• Commissioned articles for 'Digital Camera World' magazine 
• Photographs in 'Digital SLR User' magazine
• Photographs in 'Digital Photographer' magazine

• Photographs in 'N-Photo' magazine
• Photographs in 'Australian Photography' magazine
• Two self-published photography books on architecture
• Hotshots feature in 'Digital Camera World' magazine.
• Photos featured in several issues of 'Photo Review Australia' magazine.