12 Oct 2011


Architecture is where you find it. It is to do with the designing of buildings and structures, but in its broader meaning it also includes the design of our complete built environment. It can be found in outback areas, on mountain peaks, almost anywhere on the land, even on the sea in the form of oil rigs and it surrounds us in our places of abode. We tend to take architecture for granted and complain when its appeareance doesn't suit our taste. It provides us with shelter, places to work, and gives us points of reference in our urban wilderness, but most important of all, it provides a fundamental basis for the way we live. Architecture is ephemeral and can be a thing of great beauty. Its elements are often pillaged and used as building blocks by successive generations. Past civilizations are sometimes known through their achievements in architecture and certain works have become cultural, political and artistic icons. They are my thoughts on the subject anyway.
Presumably a family once lived in this little house at Fort Steele, British Columbia. It now stands derelict and isolated, yet it seems to exist as a monument to the toil of hard working rural people anywhere. This image was captured during summer, towards the end of a photographic journey through the Canadian Rockies - that's them in the backgound. [link]