26 Mar 2014


Medical Research Centre in Adelaide, South Australia [link]


Empty seats at the Adelaide Oval, South Australia [link]

18 Feb 2014


Kiosk Circus at the Adelaide Fringe Festival's 'Garden of Unearthly Delights' (South Australia) - this was one of the sideshow attractions. [link 1] [link 2]

5 Feb 2014




A derelict Commer truck on display in a South Australian rural community. This old and battered workhorse has outlived its usefulness and has been put out to pasture. [link]

17 Oct 2013


An abandoned building near Kapunda in rural South Australia. It was a searingly hot day last summer and the northerly wind was so strong I could hardly stand up to take a shot. That's a painted advertisement for wine on the north wall and an indistinct sign on the front wall 'Jon Coffee' so presumably there was a shop here years ago. There are also indications that there was once a veradah on this front end which faces a nearby road. [link]

29 Sep 2013


Drama in the garden. If you look closely here you can see a spider popping out of the middle of the flower - it had sensed an insect that landed on the stem of the unopened flower. Fortunately for the insect it didn't stay long enough for dinner. [link]

13 Sep 2013


A collage of images of strong daylight shining through a timber trellis outside onto a red leather couch inside. I noticed the effect when passing so quickly grabbed my camera. Five minutes later it was a different scene because the sun had dropped below a neighbouring building. [link]

26 Aug 2013


An Australian native bird, the Noisy Miner - not to be confused with the Common or Indian Myna which has brown instead of grey plumage and is slightly smaller. This one was captured at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens in South Australia while feeding on some Red Hot Pokers (Kniphofia, also called Tritoma).

11 May 2013


The main street of Queenscliff in Victoria, Australia on a quiet Autumn morning after a spot of rain. In 1850, Queenscliff on the coast of Port Phillip Bay was a pastoral run. It became a shipping port by 1860, fishermen moved in and the goldrush brought an influx of migrants seeking their fortune. Later the railway accelerated further growth to the area and a paddle steamer moved holiday makers and high society from Melbourne. Today, the commercial centre of Queenscliff is characterised by historic shop fronts and buildings from that era along with a few more recent ones from early last century.
[link 1] [link 2]

12 Apr 2013


This amusement place was closed when I visited so had to settle for some shots outside the fence. It's at Luna Park in St Kilda, Victoria - Australia. I went there several times when young but never had the nerve to have a ride on the roller coaster - it still looks the same to me - scary. Although the structure is old and appears flimsy, presumably it is safe because it is still in use. Built in 1911 and known as the Scenic Railway, it's the oldest continually operating roller coaster in the world and is one of only two (the other being in Plymouth, UK) that require a brakesman to stand in the middle of the train. Information derived from Wikipedia.

6 Mar 2013


This old abandoned farmhouse in South Australia has most of its walls constructed with cut limestone blocks which would have been white when new. The building would seem to have been added on to at various times, with a timber clad link between two sections. [link 1] [link 2]