26 Jan 2015


A water trough in rural South Australia - the lifeline for sheep, cattle and wildlife during drought times. [link]

24 Jan 2015


Crumbling kitchen in an abandoned farmhouse in rural South Australia. The house is over 120 years old and was built with limestone dug from the surrounding ground. It was vacated 63 years ago. Note the tiny swallow's nest in the top right corner made from mud pellets. [link]

22 Jan 2015


High-tech and low-tech city buildings in Adelaide, South Australia, co-existing peacefully side by side. [link]


Some backyard paving with a herringbone pattern. A newcomer to a photography forum once wrote "I've just bought a new camera and I don't know what to photograph - any suggestions?' Well I didn't reply but a lot of others did. One doesn't really have to look far to find photogenic material - this shot only required a few steps into my backyard under the dappled shade of the old oak tree. [link]

14 Jan 2015


An old shearing shed in rural South Australia. [link]

13 Jan 2015

11 Jan 2015


Avoca is located in the Pyrenees Ranges in Victoria, Australia. Like many other Victorian towns, Avoca sprang into being suddenly in the 1850s with the discovery of gold. In 1853 gold was found nearby and the main lead at Avoca was opened up a few months later. The population suddenly increased from 100 to 16,000 the following year and Avoca became regarded as one of Victoria's more important gold rush districts. For the last decades of the nineteenth century most miners no longer worked individually or in small teams but for larger companies working deep leads. By 1895 most mines were closed because they were uneconomical and agriculture and pastoralism became prevalent in the district.
The former bank depicted here in the town's High Street was built in 1912 and  now serves as an antique furniture shop. [link]

6 Jan 2015


The town of Maldon is located in an historical gold mining region between the larger centres of Castlemaine and Bendigo known as the Central Victorian Goldfields in Victoria, Australia. Maldon has been perfectly preserved since the mining days dating from the 1850s and is Australia's first 'Notable Town' as classified by the National Trust in 1966. The buildings depicted here in Main Street are from those earlier times although their purposes may have changed. [link]


Double page image published in 'Digital Camera World' magazine - issue 160 Feb 2015. The well defined veined texture of the leaves of this ground cover plant in a glass house drew my attention. I shot them from directly above with a 50mm prime lens in aperture mode and edited to create the stark, see-through appearance I sought. [link]

29 Dec 2014


Eaglehawk is a former gold-mining town in Victoria, Australia. A gold nugget was found in the area which sparked a gold rush leading to the establishment of the township in 1852 with the population quickly growing to 40,000. The town hall depicted here was opened in 1901 and is now used as a cinema.  It is one of the most notable and dramatically sited of all Victorian provincial town halls and an expressive example of the architecture of the Federation period. Located at the fork of two roads, it stands proudly and prominently in the town. [link]


Art is in the eye of the beholder. Fortunately, mindless taggers haven't expressed themselves on this wall yet. [link]

13 Dec 2014


A bunch of corroded metal bits on the ground at a farm in South Australia - nothing was moved but photographed as found. The corrugated roofing material was not rusty because it is the original solid zinc sheeting from the crumbling old limestone farmhouse about 130 years old. [link]